After testing Dawei 388D-1 OX rubber I have concluded the following: It is great for chopping away from the table and excellent for short blocks over the table. Very nice spin reversal specially in over the table play. Easy for returning serves. Attacking with it comes easy given the soft long pips. Dawei 388D-1 OX sheets tend to be larger than most Chinese rubber sheets so this one will cover one side of most over-sized blades.  CAUTION: Tape the corners of the rubber to a table before applying adhesive. This rubber is very thin and lightweight thus prone to bubble. Allow sufficient time for the rubber to go back to its normal size (usually about 20 to 30 minutes) before carefully removing the tape and applying to the blade. VOC adhesives are ITTF illegal. Other than the cautionary statement which is normally no problem for experienced players, I like this rubber very much and will keep using it when I play tournaments. This rubber is available in OX only (no sponge).
Made in China

Dawei 388D-1 Long Pips OX